Goat Milk Infant Formula – A Natural Alternative To Breast Milk

If you are looking for an alternative to conventional infant formula or breast milk, try homemade baby formula from organic goat milk.

For many moms who breastfeed, there comes a time when you need to supplement your breast milk. The number of different formulas out there is simply overwhelming. Its hard to figure out the best baby formula option, especially if you are looking for an alternative that is as close to your own milk as possible.

Baby with bottle

Although I thought I would never have an issue with producing an insufficient amount of milk, I found myself struggling with this when my daughter was about 5 months old. For whatever reason, I had a sudden decrease in milk, and was frantically trying to figure out an alternative infant formula that I could supplement with. One thing I knew right off the bat was that I didn’t want to give my daughter conventional infant formula, such as Enfamil/Similac. Why?


I simply didn’t trust that all those ingredients listed on the formula can could be equal in quality to breast milk and be good for an infant’s long term health. Check them out:

Conventional baby formula

First, there are many ingredients, such as “Cryptothecodinium Cohnii Oil” that I cannot even pronounce and have no idea what they are (as I am sure most people without chemistry degrees don’t). If I don’t know an ingredient, I would never take the chance of feeding that to my baby. Out of the ingredients that I and most people know, corn syrup and soybean oil are known to be GMO (genetically modified) so that is another big RED FLAG. Moreover, the cow’s milk itself is not organic and comes from cows who are fed GMO feed, antibiotics and hormones- another RED FLAG.

At the same time, I also was not thrilled with the organic formulas found in natural food stores or online. While I realize that they are better quality than conventional formula, I still didn’t want to feed my baby something that was mass produced and processed at a factory.


I was lucky enough to have a pediatrician who is also certified in Homeopathic Medicine, and she suggested an alternative homemade baby formula made from goat milk. It contains organic, wholesome ingredients and is quick and easy to prepare right at home – just what I was looking for!


In many countries around the world, goat milk has been used for centuries as a substitute for or a supplement to breast milk. Goat milk is especially great for babies who have poor tolerance or an allergic reaction to cow milk (in recent years the number of infants with lactose intolerance has been on the rise). Cow milk contains Beta 1A casein protein, which cause inflammation in the stomach and allergic reactions. On the contrary, goat milk contains Beta A2 casein protein, which our bodies can easily digest.

Another great benefit of goat milk infant formula is that it is the closest to human breast milk in nutritional value, compared to all other types of formulas. Check out this comparison chart:

Goat Milk Formula


Before you switch your child to goat milk formula, I strongly advice you to consult your pediatrician. Different people use variations of the goat milk formula that may not be right for your baby, so it is very important that you talk to your doctor to figure the right recipe for your baby. Here is the recipe that I used:


The proportions listed here are needed to make 8 oz of formula.

1.Goat Milk

You can use either organic goat milk from the store, raw goat milk (if you can get it from a supplier that you trust to deliver safe raw milk) or goat milk powder.

If you use liquid milk, you will need 4 oz.

If you use powder, you will need 1 tbsp.

2. Warm Filtered Water (4 oz)

3. Coconut Oil (1 tsp)

Coconut oil is an essential source of saturated fat, necessary for a baby’s proper growth and brain development. The oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, which are all properties found in human breast milk. It is best to purchase high quality, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil.

5. Olive Oil (1 tsp)

Olive oil is another important source of fat (monounsaturated). Be sure to buy pure, extra virgin olive oil.

5. Organic Maple or Brown Rice Syrup (1 tbsp)

Since the main nutrient in breast milk is carbohydrate, we want to make sure to add a high quality carbohydrate in the formula. I personally used organic brown rice syrup, but maple syrup is just as good. You can experiment with both to see which of the two your baby prefers.

6. Blackstrap Molasses (1/8 tsp)

This syrup has many important vitamins and minerals, but also keeps your baby from being constipated. Make sure to get the unsulfured variety, as it is much healthier.

7. Infant Probiotic Strain (1/8 tsp)

Breast milk is naturally high in probiotics, so it is important to add them to the formula. Infant probiotics are ideal, and it is best to get a high quality brand, such as Natren or Garden of Life. Be sure to stay away from cheap brands that can be found in supermarkets and drug stores.

8. Natural Multivitamin Drop for Infants (1 tsp)

There are many good brands you can go with, such as Country Life: Maxi Baby Care.


It is very easy to make the goat milk baby formula. Once you have all the ingredients and get the hang of the proportions you can make a fresh batch in about 5 minutes. My pediatrician recommended that I make a fresh one for every feeding, and I found that it was not difficult at all.

Step 1: Combine filtered water with goal milk or the powder.

Step 2: Stir in all the other ingredients. It is best to use a blender to make sure everything is properly mixed.

In case your baby does not finish the bottle, put it in a fridge right away. You should not let the formula sit out for more than 3 hours. If you want to make more formula, it is best to make no more than a 3-4 day supply, as you don’t want to take a chance of the formula going bad.

My daughter absolutely loved goat milk formula. After she started eating solid foods, I still gave her regular goat milk, instead of cow milk.